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The goal of The Small Business Mom is to celebrate women and motherhood, especially when it comes to balancing a business and a family. Whether you are working full time and looking into starting a business, a mom who wants to be able to stay home but still earn money or have already started your business but are stuck trying to grow you are in the right place!

Helping Mompreneurs is Our Passion...

Our mission is to help moms around the world create fulfilling and balanced lives by building family centric businesses. More and more women are finding success running businesses from home because it gives them more flexibility than traditional 9 to 5 jobs. We provide online courses, master classes, resources & community for moms in every phase of their entrepreneurial journey. 

Our members get access to online masterclasses & trainings to help them start, manage & grow their businesses.


Level up your business with access to exclusive resources, bonuses and discounts only available to our members.


Access to our Small Business Mom private community where you can get advice, ideas and support from other mompreneurs.

Experience & Dedication

The Small Business Mom was founded by Heather Wells, a single mother of three who started her own business working from home over a decade ago. Becoming an entrepreneur and business owner was the catalyst for Heather to finally have the life she had always wanted. One where she could work to support her family without having to sacrifice her valuable time with them. 

With over 14 years of experience as a business owner Heather decided to create The Small Business Mom to offer a way for other moms to do the same. By providing years of knowledge, experience, resources and access to other experts you can have all the tools, direction and help you have needed to start, build and grow your family centric business. 

You run your household, you can definitely run a successful business!

Products & Services

We offer various products and services to help moms start, build and grow their businesses. These are available to our members in their online member portal BUT if you are not a member you can find details about them here.  

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Tools And Resources

Tools & resources to help you start, build and grow your business no matter where you are on your journey.

Want Help Starting or Growing Your Business?

We’ve got you covered. Join our membership to access resources, training and the support you need! Have questions?

From babysitters/caregivers to grocery delivery to housecleaners to virtual assistants, there's no shame in asking for help! Taking things off your plate will free up wasted time and time spent on things that you don't enjoy - and you'll likely feel a huge sense of relief!

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It seems most people have differing views on this, but we aren't afraid to loosen the screen time rules on days that are jam-packed with meetings and projects that can't be shifted. You can turn on the parental controls and set time limits, but don't be afraid to use this tool if you need some time to focus on work.

Is your self–doubt preventing you from launching a new product or service?

In this post, we explore a few ways you can navigate these emotions so that you can successfully launch your new idea - instead of letting them fall to the wayside.

Head over to our blog and get ready to be inspired …

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#TheSmallBusinessMom #Business #EntrepreneurLife #Inspiration
#TheSmallBusinessMom #Business #EntrepreneurLife #Inspiration
This will depend on the age of your kids, but if you're working full-time at home having a schedule in place will help give your kids some structure - without harassing you every five minutes. Include things such as snack time, lunch, and any other activities you want to include (such as time outside or dedicated screen time).

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Depending on the age of your kid(s), it might have to be explained a bit differently. But essentially, let them know that when you're in your office or in "work mode", whatever that looks like for you, they need to respect that. If there is someone else around (another parent or caregiver, even a sibling!), they should go to them first. It could be a great exercise to outline a few options of what they can do while you're working if no one else is around.

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Generating passive income for your business isn't something that should be overlooked. It's a great way to get unstuck of trading time for money while allowing you some additional freedoms.
We can't think of anyone who said "I make too much money!" - Can you?

Head over to our blog and get ready to be inspired …

#TheSmallBusinessMom #Blog #NewPost #GrowYourBusiness
#TheSmallBusinessMom #Business #EntrepreneurLife #Inspiration
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