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How To Make Your Business Idea Reality – In 7 Simple Steps

How To Make Your Business Idea Reality - In 7 Simple Steps

We like to think that as entrepreneurs, especially us hustling #mompreneurs, we all have one thing in common … that we always have a million great ideas at once. But how do you focus in on “the one” and make that business idea a reality?

Creatives are known to be prone to the bright shiny object syndrome which might not be ideal for starting a business, but it’s great for lending an assist when it comes to figuring out what you want to do. So, we’ve compiled a short list of steps to take in order to make those seemingly impossible pipe dreams become reality.

#1. WEEKLY BRAIN DUMPS: we swear by these and have them scheduled into our calendars at least once per week. It’s a great way to get all your ideas onto paper and more often than not, we are building upon previous ideas that were once “random thoughts”. This is a great way to build out business ideas and potential opportunities for growth and you never know what idea might spill onto your paper!

#2. BE CRAZY SPECIFIC: we know that niching down as much as possible is important, but sometimes, especially when you’re just starting out, really zeroing in on your business idea or target audience can be difficult. So, we recommend being as specific as possible in that moment where it is just scary enough to be a great idea, but not too scary that you’ll never begin. There’s a fine line between the two but that’s where greatness lies!

#3. SET REALISTIC GOALS: we are huge believers in goal setting as they drive us in our businesses every day. We set goals for each week, month, quarter, and annually – as well as a couple big ones for a few years down the road (which are achieved by completing our smaller ones!). Your timelines for your goals should make you a bit nervous, as if you allow yourself too much time – they’ll never get done. If you have already set some goals, we strongly suggest going back and seeing if there are opportunities to move the deadline up – you might surprise yourself as to what you can accomplish.

There are no limits to what you can accomplish, except the
limits you place on your own thinking.

#4. FIND A MENTOR OR PEER: having someone to turn to for guidance in your field is HUGE. As entrepreneurs, while there might be a lot of us out there, there might not be as many who specialize in the same field as you – so making those connections is key. It can be awkward at first to reach out, but it can be one of the best connections you make for your business. If the opportunity is there to build a relationship with a peer who has been in the field even slightly longer than you, jump all over that! You’ll be able to lend insight, just as they will, and you can help build each other’s businesses.

#5. SET REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS: just like setting goals, setting expectations for your new business is important to keep you on the right path. It’s important to understand and accept that most businesses don’t see success overnight and that a lot of hard work will be required. On the flip side of this, you can expect that with the right hard work, success will come.

#6. SCHEDULE TIME TO WORK ON YOUR BUSINESS: it’s so easy to get caught up on the day-to-day and working in your client’s businesses that your own business’ tasks fall wayside. Keeping your business just as organized (if not more so!) will keep your brain at ease and be encouraging when you onboard new clients, as they’ll be inspired by you.

#7. FOCUS – DON’T HUSTLE: we are not fans of the “hustle” culture as it doesn’t seem sustainable. Our reasoning for this is that hustling dictates the “go-go-go” nature at a pace that is similar to that of a sprint – which you can only do for so long before collapse. Instead, learn how to properly use your time and schedule “Focus Time” into your day, shutting out all other distractions. You’ll get more done in less time which will actually free up more of your day. Maintaining this pace will be easy as you’re then on more of a power walk than a continuous sprint.

The short of it is to make sure you ENJOY the process! And think of your “mess” as your message … less is more!

Starting a business isn’t easy but it is extremely rewarding. It requires a lot of passion, dedication, training, and thought-out processes, but by following these steps (and not getting locked down by S.O.S!) before jumping head first into the entrepreneurial pool, you will be able to achieve your goals in no time!

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We get it, you’re a mom first! But your dream of becoming an entrepreneur is not going away … It wasn’t until recently when people began coming to you with questions or asking you for help that you started to seriously think about starting your own business. You want to start a business, but you worry if you have enough time to balance being an entrepreneur with being a mom. You have a burning desire to build your own empire, but you also have responsibilities. 

Well … we completely understand and been there done that. It’s time to take the leap of faith and bet on yourself, beyond life as a mom. Because we don’t want you to do, is one day look back … and wished you’d done things differently. #Balance! 

Our site will be a resource-filled space for all moms who have ever wanted to start their own small business working from home OR for any mom who already HAS a business but is struggling to grow. So, begin pursuing your passion(s) and become your own boss today by popping on over to https://thesmallbusinessmom.com/ to get started!

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