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The Truth Behind Overnight Success – Myths Debunked

The Truth Behind Overnight Success - Myths Debunked

One of the most frustrating aspects of being an entrepreneur is thinking that everyone else (or at least, many people!) is having massive success — INSTANTLY. We get it, especially as #mompreneurs who are busting their butts day in and day out trying to get their business off the ground floor to somewhere that is sustainable and worth all the time and effort. But do you know what?

Most entrepreneurs are NOT having overnight success, even if they’re making it look that way. 

This is not a real “thing”. COMPARISON IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL.

Let’s be honest with ourselves for a moment … I’m sure 99% of us compare ourselves and our businesses to one of another’s. But if comparison becomes a regular habit, this is where jealousy, pride, depression, and arrogance begin to sprout roots. Which is the root of all evil. It’s okay to do this once in awhile. We’re only human. We try to see how we compare to the people around us or in our niche. We are all unique with unique circumstances so no matter where you are or what stage your business is in, someone will always have more AND less than you. So, instead of fighting the battle, try practicing gratitude instead. Focus on moving forward on your own journey and taking every opportunity to learn from one another. Be grateful for your fellow entrepreneur’s successes and let them help you identify business puzzle pieces that are missing, instead of feeling bad that they achieved something that you yet haven’t. Start being grateful and proud of yourself, your business and your accomplishments. There is no need for comparison.

It’s so freaking important to keep in mind that you’re only seeing what they WANT you to see of their business. And with that being said, consider today’s post a #MythBuster to what many think about when it comes to the term “overnight success”.

👉 Myth #1: “Everyone else is having instant success!”

No, they’re not. Most entrepreneurs are hustling just as hard as you are.

I want to be short and to the point for a moment if you don’t mind … all those overnight success stories you read about online and misconceptions. They are not the truth. (Sorry if I just burst your bubble!) Not one single entrepreneur out there has made millions or became successful overnight. Not even Steve Jobs. This level of success is a product of hard work, early mornings, sleepless nights, heavy investments, trial and error and of course ongoing education. So, don’t be fooled!

Sure, there are some that will have huge success seemingly overnight, but not the majority. Keep sticking with your goals and on your path and you will get there!at.

We need to accept that we won’t always make the right decisions, that we’ll screw up -- even royally sometimes -- so understand that failure is not the opposite of success, it’s part of it.

👉 Myth #2: “Maybe if I do what they’re doing …”

Stop. Don’t do it. No two businesses are the same and no two business OWNERS are the same. So, what’s working for one person won’t necessary for you. And do you really want to just be copying what others are doing? You’ll instantly lose your brand’s identity and true purpose of creating your business, so what’s the point?

It’s time to embrace YOUR IDENTIY. This one is easier said than done some days … But never doubt yourself over the way you look. Either as an entrepreneur or your business’ brand. Too many people spend WAY TOO MUCH TIME looking at those they admire wishing they could emulate their style and charisma. Otherwise known as a form of “shiny object syndrome”. Why not spend your time better by embracing your unique qualities? Strengths, flaws, quirks, and all …!

👉 Myth #3: “I’ll never be as successful as [insert name] …”

Well, “success” is subjective, so it depends on what your definition of it is. This might take a bit to digest but is similar to Myth #2 (above) — no two are the same. Everyone has their own definition of success: you might define it as making a certain amount of money each month, or perhaps having more time freedom. Figure out what YOUR success looks like and work towards that.

Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become YOUR WORDS. Keep your words positive because your words become YOUR BEHAVIOUR. Keep your behavior positive because your behavior becomes YOUR HABITS. Keep your habits positive because your habits become YOUR VALUES. Keep your values positive because your values become YOUR DESTINY.

👉 Myth #4: “I’ll never be successful at [insert service] …”

This relates mostly to those who provide services for clients and are just getting started. It can take a long time before signing your first client. Many entrepreneurs will struggle with this for months or even years, as they figure out exactly what kind of clients they want to work with and nail out the details of their service offerings. With that said, there’s nothing set in stone, and you can always pivot or adjust these details later on (and multiple times!) as your business grows. Know that continuing to show up each and every day will take to you to where you’re meant to be. Trust the process and stick with it.


So, to end off this #MythBuster blog post today …

Being an entrepreneur, especially a mompreneur, is hard. It takes a lot of dedication, grit, stubbornness, and passion to make your business successful. But by following your gut, trusting your instincts, and putting in the hard work, you will achieve YOUR version of success, whatever that might be.

If you found today’s mom inspired blog post to be exactly the type of inspiration and know-how you were looking for, we would be very grateful if you would help this post spread by sharing the ❤️ with it socially, emailing it to a friend or dropping us a comment with your thoughts. You never know whose life you might change.

We get it, you’re a mom first! But your dream of becoming an entrepreneur is not going away … It wasn’t until recently when people began coming to you with questions or asking you for help that you started to seriously think about starting your own business. You want to start a business, but you worry if you have enough time to balance being an entrepreneur with being a mom. You have a burning desire to build your own empire, but you also have responsibilities. 

Well … we completely understand and been there done that. It’s time to take the leap of faith and bet on yourself, beyond life as a mom. Because we don’t want you to do, is one day look back … and wished you’d done things differently. #Balance! 

Our site will be a resource-filled space for all moms who have ever wanted to start their own small business working from home OR for any mom who already HAS a business but is struggling to grow. So, begin pursuing your passion(s) and become your own boss today by popping on over to https://thesmallbusinessmom.com/ to get started!

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